About me

Welcome to my webpage.  

My name is Inga, I study at the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid, the International Relations Degree.

I am interested in events which history has unexplained “white spots”, from egyptian pyramids up to assassination of John Kennedy. But not only that, I love sport and dancing also. I have been doing rhythmic gymnastics for many years and I was champion of Spain in 2014 with the ribbon exercise. Personally I consider that even sport is not protected from the political influence.


On my website I publish articles that from my point of view seem interesting and unusual about events that affected in some manner to the world’s development. I speak Spanish, English and Russian, and thus all information is published in three languages.

Last year, I was lucky to get to patricipate in the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, as a translator from the Spanish delegation. Therefore, information about forums and similar events will also be published.

Eastern Economic Forum
Eastern Economic Forum

Everybody who is interested is history, actual political relations, is invited to my website for communication, discussion and exchange of opinions.

Please, leave you comments to the published articles and contact information for the future communication.

Feel free to contact me via email: inga.contact.site@gmail.com

Hope you will enjoy the website.