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2020 personal approach.

«And most of all be warm in your love for one another; because in love there is forgiveness for sins without number.»

1 PETER 4: 8

These last days of December I wanted to write an article about this year, hard, difficult, rare and unexpected 2020. I was clear about the title and what message I wanted to share through my words, but I didn’t know how to start. Finally, I decided to start with a verse from the Bible, which I have a lot of affection for, with which I identify myself and the one that accompanied me during this year. This article is a personal reflection on you, loved and hated 2020. Now that you are leaving, can I tell you.

First of all, it would be correct to observe 2020 from the general international perspective. Obviously, what affected us the most on a personal level is the coronavirus, SARS-СoV-2. Anyone who wants to believe in its natural origin is free to do so, but I believe more in human evil, moved by self-interest, than in the evil of nature, I already explained it in May in my article Apocalypse of the Coronavirus. While politicians made «politics» with their terrible management of the situation, people throughout the world lost their loved ones. This has not been, nor is it a chess strategy, where they give up the pawn to win the game, this is a massacre like in checkers, where the virus continues to beat us all. 

2020 is about to explode the war between Iran and the United States, between the United States and China, not only a hybrid war of economic strangulation, but also a conventional war. Speaking of wars, very close to us an armed conflict has already broken out, the Nagorno-Karabakh, which took the lives of more than four thousand people. 

The explosion in Beirut, the constitutional reforms in Russia and the poisoning of Navalny, the protests in Belarus, Armenia, Poland in the midst of a pandemic … But the event of this year, apart from the coronavirus, has been the presidential elections in the United States, Well, we´ll see if we don’t start 2021 with a civil war. 

The world as a whole is on the brink of collapse. Economic, sanitary, moral. It is impossible to ignore it. Humans have believed ourselves to be all powerful, some believe they are above others, we destroy our environment, we destroy ourselves in the name of our individualism and what do we have in return? Do we remember what love, kindness, understanding, compassion is? So much to say on social networks what the pandemic taught us, but do we really show it in our day to day life? Respect, affection, help, gratitude? Because if yes, congratulations, you have not lived this year in vain. 

As for me, I think I have learned and evolved a lot this year. Although nothing went as planned in January, it has been a prosperous and productive year. Unlike many, I did get to travel to Moscow in February, it was an incredible trip and it was definitely worth it. Unlike many, I was able to escape from Madrid to my parents’ house when the lockdown began, where I could go out to the patio freely. Unlike many, COVID did not steal from me any loved one. I passed my university exams without hardly studying, because there were people who put a lot of effort to help me. I had a summer of reconnection with friends, time to write my articles, got El Mundo Financiero to publish one of them, to show off my glowing tan and smile at sunrise on the beach. I have dared to share my dances through the networks and I have received much more support than I could imagine. I know what it is like when they say «I’m your fan» and what butterflies this produces inside you. Finally, I returned to rhythmic gymnastics for two months, because there have been people who fought for me despite the years that have passed. 

And of course not all the time was happy full of roses, there have been multiple moments that destroyed my soul, the gymnastics club broke a tooth, but from the position I am in now, the only thing I can say is a huge thank you . In the end, what 2020 has really taught me is being thankful for being able to enjoy the little things. Thank people enormously for being and for not being because their moment is over, thank the favorable and unfavorable circumstances for letting us do what we want and for avoiding what we really should not do, thank the support, the affection, the love that we receive. 2020 showed me that we must fight for what we really want, and that regret never should be for not having given everything. But above all, being gratefull. 

Goodbye loved and hated 2020. What will 2021 bring us? 

Than you, dear reader for paying my text some of your attention.

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