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Thinking about inner voice.

In the head of each and every pers lives a voice. This inner voice is perfect; its volume and tonality are ideal to us. This voice gives life to the texts we read, is the spokesman of our thoughts and is the voice that sounds in our most sacred dreams. Generally, we hear it when we are alone, when the only thing that accompanies us is silence. And although that voice is usually on our side, it is not always like that. It can bring out the memories that we least want to remember, it can make us overthing about things we try to forget, it can take away our sleep and keep us awake, drowning us in the words of that perfect voice in our head.

In these moments when our inner voice can overcome us, when it robs us of peace, when it takes away our sleep, our greatest enemy is loneliness. The very great Maupassant, in his book The Horla, described it as follows: «Surely loneliness is dangerous for those minds that work too much. We need to have around us other people to communicate their thoughts. Prolonged solitude fills the void with ghostly visions.

Therefore, although we believe that in our difficult moments what we need is solitude, what we really need is understanding and company from those who love us. We are not as strong alone as when we are accompanied by those who strive to help us. Because the sound of their voices encouraging us sounds louder than our own inner voice trying to trap us in the darkness of our thoughts.

And when our inner voice comes back to represent our most sacred dreams, when it comes back to work for our side, there we must thank those who listened to us and shared with us the difficult moments.

Thank you. A simple and enormous thank you.

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