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«Poseidon» is already here!

In June 2020, a political-military expert, former head of the Israeli special service «Nativ», Yakov Kedmi on Israeli television ITON TV on the program Special Folder spoke about the Russian unmanned complex «Poseidon», a unique apparatus of high sea ​​capable of carrying a high-powered nuclear charge underwater at high speed. 

The idea of Poseidon is not new at all. Already in the late 1940s to early 1950s, a similar project called T15 was seriously considered by the USSR’s military and scientific departments. Later, in his memoirs, the father of the Russian hydrogen bomb, Academician Sakharov, described his own idea of ​​a thermonuclear-powered torpedo, which illuminated him after the successful tests in 1961 of the 50(100) megaton air bomb AN602. In the event of a military confrontation between the USSR and the United States, as a possible retaliatory attack, there could be a delivery to the eastern shores of North America, a high-powered atomic charge capable of causing a huge tsunami, which would not only destroy the entire coastal area and its infrastructure, but it would also lead to significant civilian casualties. 

Today’s project Poseidon, formerly known as Status 6, codenamed NATO Kanyon, is the latest generation of guided torpedoes launched from Belgorod-class submarines. As Yakov Kedmi emphasizes, Poseidon is the largest torpedo in the world, which has very peculiar characteristics that make it one of a kind. Firstly, its immersion depth can reach 1000 meters, secondly, its nuclear engine allows the torpedo to reach speeds of up to 185 km/h and gives Poseidon almost unlimited running autonomy. This means that this weapon can roam the ocean for years and perform an unpredictable attack at the right time. And third, Poseidon weighs 100 tons and can carry a thermonuclear load of up to 100 megatons. 

These impressive characteristics of Poseidon push us to the following question: what place will this terrifying weapon occupy in the strategic confrontation between the United States and Russia?

To try to answer this question, we must understand the situation that has developed since the times of the Cold War. Both the United States and Russia are armed with the classic nuclear triad, against which both sides have anti-missile defenses capable of preventing a possible attack. But with Poseidon the situation is completely different. At the moment, the United States has no means of protection against this torpedo and is losing the confrontation in the submarine field of action. The depth of immersion of Poseidon makes it almost impossible to detect. The power of its attack can destroy entire ports, along with coastal cities, but not only that. With the correct calculation of the location of the explosion and the power of the charge, Poseidon can raise a tsunami wave from 270 to 450 meters if explode near the coast of the continent, or create an earthquake of up to 15 points of magnitude, if the torpedo is pierced with all its energy into the ground. As a matter of fact, the most damaging earthquake with the magnitude 9 occurred in Valdivia, Chile, on May 22, 1960. 

Yakov Kedmi
Yakov Kedmi

According to Yakov Kedmi, humanity still cannot imagine all the destructive power of this new weapon, which has no analogues in the world. What is absolutely clear is that the appearance of Poseidon has broken the strategic balance between the United States and Russia.  

The world media seriously treats the subject of the Russian torpedo, and for this there are objective reasons, which we have discussed previously. The planned tests for 2020 were postponed from June to September, and it is possible that the torpedo will be placed in a new Khabarovsk-class submarine. And although there is little official information in publicly available sources, no one doubts the existence of Poseidon. But what terrifies the United States the most is that its main ally and protector, the ocean that has protected its continent for centuries from devastating wars, bloodshed and economic disasters, is now its most vulnerable point. 

The lack of genetic memory associated with global destruction and irreparable human losses in the two world wars, as well as the fact that there have been no military conflicts in the United States for nearly two hundred years, greatly reduce the fear of the americans of possible serious confrontations. The American economy, after each World War, experienced remarkable growth, and after World War II, it became the producer of 50% of world GDP, guaranteeing world hegemony for the US for many years. The American eagle hesitates and mocks the Russian bear, introducing economic sanctions of all kinds against Russia. Small clashes between the US and Russian military in Syria are exacerbating existing problems. The appearance of  Poseidon only brought closer a possible military conflict between the United States and Russia, and the entire world is horrified just imagining the possible consequences of a confrontation between the two powers. 

To illustrate the facts stated above, you can watch the video posted on Russian television.

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