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Throughout our lives we face different doors that open us the paths to various opportunities.  Some doors open easily, others cost more, some hide an impassable forest of challenges  behind, but finally behind each one of them hides the success.

In 2019 one of these doors appeared to me, called the Eastern Economic Forum.  For my young age and rather little experience at that time, being able to attend an event of such caliber, was a Golden Ticket for the Willy Wonka factory, which I would not sell for anything in the world. I focused on the enormous possibilities of personal and professional development, and decided to ignore any difficulties that might arise along the way, since what was behind the door was worth it and the effort it required.

The fifth edition of the Eastern Economic Forum, which brought together not only senior representatives of the world’s largest companies, but also heads of state, was held in September, as other years, in the  beautiful city of Vladivostok (Russia), a piece of Europe lost in the deep Asia.  The culture and customs of the population and the architecture of this city demonstrate once again that, despite occupying two continents, Russia is Europe. And that is one of the main topics discussed at the forum, Russia is the natural bridge between Europe and Asia, of which both parties should take full advantage.

But while the higher-ranking participants were looking for ways to get the most out of it, I took advantage of my personal great opportunity. It would be incorrect to say that everything was easy. Only round-trip flights, with two stopovers on the outward flights and three stops on the flight home, were stressful. The work trip itself, needed a lot of prior preparation, such as managing and arranging meetings and interviews, among other things. Once there, it was necessary to survive the time change to be able to work non-stop for two and a half days.  And once at home, just feel the overwhelming tremendous jetlag never seen before.

What was behind that door called the Eastern Economic Forum was a series of different challenges that I had never faced in my life. But as Nietzsche said, what does not kill us, makes us stronger, makes us learn, grow personally and above all, gain experience, which is the most important point. Therefore, I consider that I reached small (yet big for me) success of being able to put on my Curriculum Vitae that I have participated in the EEF 2019.

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