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All about modern relationships in 4 minutes

Today, when we are more aware of Instagram notifications than of the world around us, it seems necessary to ask ourselves, what are we looking for in life? In real life, of course.  But this question being too broad and complex, should be reduced to just one question, which at first seems easier: what are we looking for in a relationship? If you find it not so easy to answer, Jay Shetty, a vlogger, author, motivational speaker from British India, has the answer you are looking for in his video Relationships Nowadays. In just four minutes, he summarizes everything you might think about, analyzes it and gives you an answer, which you may not have known before. I invite you to watch this video and get to know Jay and his content. 

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I live and study in Madrid, Spain, at the Rey Juan Carlos University at the International Relations Degree.
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