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Nearly one and a half thousand years ago, Apostol John predicted the events that we observe today.

Thanks to Francis Ford Coppola´s film “The Apocalypse Now”, many people identify the word apocalypse with a global catastrophe, war, and other events involving the death of a large number of people. In fact, the word apocalypse is translated from Greek as a revelation. I would like the title of my work to be understood correctly in its original meaning — Revelation of the Coronavirus.

In 2011, Hollywood has released a movie called «Contagion», directed by Steven Soderbergh. Despite the budget of $ 60 million, the film turned out to be frankly weak and passed almost unnoticed. Famous actors such as Matt Damon, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Laurence Fishburne, who starred in such films as «The Bourne Ultimatum», «The Matrix», «The Titanic» appeared in “Contagion”. But even they could not lift up the rating of this movie, which maintained abound 6.7 according to IMDb. 

The plot: an American woman, during her working trip to China, ate a piglet which had contact with an infected bat. Then she returns home to the United States and infects everyone on her way. As a result, in a couple of weeks, a deadly epidemic is spread to all the continents. 

Hollywood creates a lot of films with similar content, but normally nobody takes them seriously. Nevertheless, in 2020, «Contagion» breaks all records of views on the Internet. Why is that?

The movie made in 2011, narrows with astonishing accuracy about the events taking place nowadays. The people wearing masks and gloves, standing in lines with distance of 2 or 3 meters, the absence of the vaccine and the authorities little ability to do something. The pictures of using large sports facilities as temporary hospitals can be taken for today’s coverage of famous news channels. And of course, the quarantine and social distance, because of which people stopped communicating with each other.

Let’s remember the scene from the movie where a young man comes to his girlfriend house. With the start of the epidemic, the girl’s father chased him away, afraid of infection. But now everything has changed, the young man walked to the door, and shows the girl and her father his hand with a bracelet with a barcode, symbolizing that he was vaccinated ..

Revelation 13: 16 “to receive a mark on their right hands”

We will see this point later. 

Due to this remarkable coincidence between the movie and the today’s world, a legitimate question arisesÑ how could the director know all the details of the possible pandemic? The answer is simple, the director Steven Soderbergh was advised by the famous virologist and public figure Larry Brilliant, the head of many public organizations with a medical focus and, with a very strong interest in the release of such movie. Another public figure, Peter Daszak, the leader of the EcoHealth Alliance, who was also interested in releasing this film with a clear goal — to scare the viewer with the possibility of an epidemic. But Daszak went even further, saying that if his organization Eco Health Alliance did not receive money for the research programs, then a real pandemic would be inevitable. These people between many others, were especially interested in the movie possessing maximum certainty, that’s why “Contagion” has almost documentary characteristics. It was a warning to all of us about what would happen if we did not please these organizations with the money they asked for. 

The mainstream world media are in not interested in telling the world the real events that occurred in Chinese Wuhan. Too many prestigious doctors, virologists, scientists are associated with the appearance of coronavirus. For the news media it is easier to maintain the version of the natural origin of the virus due to the bats, than to tell the truth. Most people take the information told by the news as an absolute truth, while very little number of people know that the Wuhan Institute of Virology, run by Shi Jin Li, was built on french money and the research programs itself were funded by numerous US grants.

At the moment, it is known from open sources what exactly were these grants given for. The first grant of 3.7 million dollars was received in 2013 to provide a six-year program for collecting coronaviruses. It was issued by the US National Institute of Health, with the direct participation of Dr. Fauci, chief US epidemiologist. In 2019 the funding was extended for another five years to continue the research on Gain Function, to achieve that the virus could be transmitted to people. And only on April 24, of the current year the work on this project was suspended.

One more fact: Bill Gates, the head of Microsoft, is being enrolled in numerous project dealing with viruses already for 15 years. 

Formally, the question, where the COVID-19 came from remains open. Most virologists of the world and official media are inclined to believe that COVID-19 does not have artificial origin. Yet, the fact that near the Chinese city of Wuhan there is a laboratory for the study and development of viruses, should not be forgotten. In laboratories of this type, which are  located all around the world, viruses and particularly coronaviruses are studied and created, and up to this moment there are 37 coronaviruses known. The version, where the COVID-19 comes from the wet market in Wuhan, is outdated, as the chinese authorities have checked every possible aspect and no proof was found. 

On June 19, the English Pirbright Institute, funded by the Bill and Melinda Foundation Gates, has filed a patent application for a new coronavirus. Formally, the new coronavirus is attenuated form of the virus, that would serve as the basis for creating a vaccine against respiratory diseases. Even if at first it seems as a very good thing, the attention should be drawn to another point. The researches in the development of the coronaviruses are being financed by someone, and the coronavirus itself is the subject of patent law and may subsequently allow anyone either purchase this patent and use on own consideration. 

The prototype of COVID-19 could have been created in the United States already five years ago. The work of 15 American researchers from the University of North Carolina was published in Nature’s journal from November 2015. They have experimented with the creation of a hybrid coronavirus of a bat living in China. Scientists crossed the surface protein SHC-014 SARS with a virus that was taken from the bat. The result was a mutant virus that was able to develop in cells the human body. And although, in 2014, the United States adopted a moratorium on experiments with viruses. inside the US, the experiments were allowed to finish, since work was begun before the ban was introduced. Of course the outsourced work in Wuhan Institute of Virology continued without any problem. 

“Researchers have created a new virus that grows well in human cells. But if this virus breaks out, no one can predict the path of its development,” said Simon Wain-Hobson, a virologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

In 2017, the moratorium on funding such studies was lifted. Scientists from the University of North Carolina were able to legitimately continue their work, as they believed that their research was a benefit for all mankind. They warned the world about mortal danger — the possibility of the emergence of a new, even more destructive virus. Despite the fact that it was American scientists who were at the center of such developments, Nature called not to blame American virologists for what is happening today in the world.

The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic may turn out to be quite significant, but the governments of leading countries and the world media are turning a blind eye on this. Could it be that a number of non governmental powerful groups of influence are planning to gain some benefit from the current situation? We know that the virus has an artificial origin, and the pandemic itself arose because of the large number of people is constantly moving from country to country. We cannot turn history back or  stop the progress, the world is like it is, and a lot of people freely move around the world on airplanes, cars, trains. Nevertheless it is possible to prevent the spread of the diseases by supplying those people who are actively moving around the world with chips.  The chips would easily record who, when and what vaccine was given to this person, if he has any chronicle sickness and what medicine he is taking. A person with such data can easily pass the border control of any country, without exposing anyone to any risk, unless of course the countries agree on this. But life and progress will not stand still; in this chip it will be possible to enter passport data, credit cards, bank accounts, and everything else that a person may need in life, this is very useful. And how convenient it will be for the state to manage such people! One does not have to be a visionary to understand that it will be so. This is the ultimate goal of the ones who implemented today’s pandemic, population easy to manage and control. The truth also lies in the fact that any person could be «turned off» with a button. If Microsoft decided to get into this promising area with almost limitless possibilities, it becomes clear why Bill Gates is actively involved in viruses today.

Let’s go back to the scene from “Contagion”, where a young man shows off his bracelet-chip as an indicator of his health. In the movie, this is a positive event, yet the time will show if it will be positive in the real life. Many priests have been talking about chipping people and putting a barcode on a person’s body, claiming that this is a sign of Satan and urging them to actively ban this ideas. The Bible says a lot about such things as the end of the world, the second coming of Christ and the events preceding this. This is described in detail in the last chapter of the New Testament, which is called the Apocalypse, or, as it is literally should be understood as the Book of Revelation.

I would provide the quote from the Bible: Revelation 13:16-18:

“16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.”

The barcode on the young man’s hand tell us that we are close to the events called “The End of the World,” although many people and almost all the world media consider and actively advertise chipping as a positive trend in the development of mankind. Not only in this quotation of the Bible appears the number 666. It is mentioned there several times, as a one of the necessary conditions for “the end of the world”.

It’s time to return to  the head of the Microsoft company, Bill Gates. In a television program that aired on May 1, 2020 on Russian television called “Besogon TV”, the famous Russian cinema director Nikita Mikhalkov openly accused Bill Gates of preaching chipization of people and, as his ultimate goal, reducing the number of people living on the planet. He also showed the patent of coronavirus belonging to Bill Gates. To be honest, this patent is not for the COVID-19, for another, but also for the coronavirus. But everyone was surprised not by the gravity of the charges against Bill Gates, but by the number of this patent registered by Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC.

The number is: WO/2020/060606

Despite the fact that the sixes are located through 0, and not in a row, they still remain sixes following each other. This is what struck the viewers, especially, as mentioned above, Bill Gates is engaged in  not the most charitable deed. The prediction of Apostol John about the end of the world might become true. The following event, which is described in Apocalypse, should be a war between good and evil, between light and darkness. Welcome to Armageddon.

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